Sunday, June 29, 2008

Make that Seven Things

If you're lucky you can participate in a rare Plumstead double this weekend.

Firstly there is the Mela - the celebration of Asian culture on the common. I visited this a few times with local friends before moving here. The main attraction for me is the food but there's various other stalls and music and dance going. Its not a mind-blowing affair but ,if the weather's ok, makes for a pleasant Sunday afternoon diversion.

I am not sure if it's a coincidence but the Annual Old Mill Beer Festival is taking place as well this weekend. I made a couple of visits yesterday. It's a laid back affair with a fair range of ales (no real ciders unfortunately). You buy half pint vouchers at the main bar but most of the beers are out in the back garden. Here are some pictures,1 and 2.

Though real ale and real curry is an excellent combination it is not perfect. Because of the event on the common all beer will have to be sold in plastic glasses irrespective of where you take your drink. The barman at the back said bringing your own pewter tankard would be ok. Where is it though? If I started looking now I might just find it before next year's festival.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Five Good Things About Plumstead

Camelot, Plumstead
Originally uploaded by veghead
I was going to get to three and then run out as some kind of joke - but actually five isn't enough. Five will have to do though:

1) Everywhere else --- you can get to some really pleasant greenery in Kent and the London borders quite easily. You're not too far away from Ebbsfleet and the Continent.

2) Commuting - a bit like point one but specific to working in town. I get a seat and have a half-hour journey into Waterloo East on a train service that runs reasonably well. If the trains are totally up the spout you can use the tube to North Greenwich then a bus. Not a quick but nice to have the option. There's a 24 hour bus service too. I got a late night bus from Elephant and Castle once and it whizzed home without any traffic.

3) Easy going multiculturalism. A nice mix of backgrounds and a nice feel on the street.(edit - neighbour was woken at 3am by a guy banging on the door whose face had been slashed by someone - so not always as easy going as it should be).

4) Curry - an important part of the mix in item 3 is the Indian community. We have a temple adjoining our back garden, our builders were Sikhs. There are some pretty authentic curry outlets - more cafes than restaurants. Its not Brick Lane by if you fancy a curry you'll be well catered for here. And if you want something healthier you can always get some fried chicken from one of the many many many outlets.

5) The Hill - it's both an enemy and a friend depending on which way you are going of course (up or down) but it offers some great views down to sides of the Thames and over to Essex. You won't get to see much of the river itself but I always get a little buzz when freewheeling down especially at night time. And you can always cop a look at Dave Courtney's Camelot on the way down for added stimulation.

Thanks to veghead from Flickr for the picture