Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another week another pound shed.

One thing I depend on quite a bit is sugar-free chewing gum so I am quite galad a gum war has broken out with Cadbury's introducing their Trident range of gums to the UK.

I love them but R is sticking to the old ways as usual.

One mystery has been solved - why did Wrigleys ditch the tradition foil wrapped stick of gum in favour of wallets. It was in preparation for the packets used by Cadbury's. The Cadbury's ones are better designed though- the gum doesn't fall out into your pocket like the Wrigleys packets do.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

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The Glamour of Smoking Wears Off Quicker

...than the paunch around my tummy. I am now 10st 12lbs which is another slight drop. Or a eight stone 2lb drop since the post before last - if you haven't realised it was a typo.

I did have a Cream Tea yesterday which isn't exactly Kosher but I really enjoyed it. Luckily it was near Hampstead Heath so you didn't get much for your money.

I have yet to work out an exercise routine. I have fantasies about doing power-walking three times a week. Had to make do with a slow dawdle over the Heath with R taking in the smudgy views, the peace and quiet and the kite flying.

Thanks to Max # for the real life Ozzie devotee

Sunday, February 11, 2007

So I am now less than eleven stone. How ridiculous. For a long period of my life I weighed around eight - which is equally ludicrous.

So what is eleven minus eight? Three isn't it? How many babies is that?

Now that I am less heavily pregnant it might explain why my pipe cleaner legs seem to get less tired now.

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10m 2d 05:56 smoke-free, 7,709 cigs not smoked, £894.24 saved, 3w 5d 18:25 life saved

So the smoking thing looks pretty licked

weight 19 st 13lb

38.5 inch

So the weight loss thing looks pretty unlicked

But SOMETHING has come off. Hoorah.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

diet takes extreme turn

celadon rice bowl
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...or it will do after I weighed myself yesterday. I clocked up eleven stone again. I refuse to even bother putting my waist measurements down here.

There's a nice curry in the fridge though so I had better postpone things till tomorrow.