Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another week another pound shed.

One thing I depend on quite a bit is sugar-free chewing gum so I am quite galad a gum war has broken out with Cadbury's introducing their Trident range of gums to the UK.

I love them but R is sticking to the old ways as usual.

One mystery has been solved - why did Wrigleys ditch the tradition foil wrapped stick of gum in favour of wallets. It was in preparation for the packets used by Cadbury's. The Cadbury's ones are better designed though- the gum doesn't fall out into your pocket like the Wrigleys packets do.


Anonymous said...

Trident gum is yummy - probably down to the "bovine gelatine" but v expensive (75p for 9 hits) and why is it made in Turkey? We have dead cows and chemical plants here in Ingerland after all.

Erik Fuller said...

There are two varieties and yes they both seem expensive. I try to justify the cost by imagining the flavour lasts longer. Perhaps the Turkish produce a higher class and more expensive variety of deadcow?