Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Absent Friends

Went up to Norfolk for some friends' house-warming. Or should that be Rectory-warming? It was a very open-air affair. As a smoker I would always feel a bit uneasy smoking in the open countryside - it seemed especially perverse to inhale smoke when having all that fresh air around. No perversity at this house-warming however - well not any I noticed.

I had a huge obstacle course of a journey home from Cantley to Plumstead on the following Sunday. Is the Lord's Day Observance society in charge of engineering works at National (sic) Rail? It was the kind of circumstance that a smoker hates - rushing to your next connection rather than lighting up, getting a seat in a coach only to find there was plenty of time to have a cigarette but you're stuck at the back now and if you nip out they are bound to shut the doors and you're stuffed.

No such nicotine-related stress on this journey luckily. It was one old friend I could live without.

Oh I actually met a reader at this party so a special hello to Miss B and woof-woof to young Ribbon too.

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