Monday, September 01, 2008

Door of Perception

The Devils Door
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The work on the bathroom continued yesterday and I was set to clean the old glass door before R put it back in place.

It is a flowery glass panel door. The former owners, or at least one of them, smoked and the fine veins of the leaves were embedded with tar. I couldn't help think of the same material still hanging around in my lungs despite a gap of more than two years. A lot of heavy scrubbing was required and eventually most of it shifted.

Most of the tobacco was on the inside bathroom side of the door. It was very late in my smoking career before I started smoking in the bath. It is an extraordinarily tricky procedure - avoiding the water is easy enough it is avoiding wetness as a whole that is the difficult bit. But it diid have its rewards. Locked away in warm foamy tub puffing on a roll-up felt wonderfully relaxing.

Well the former owners know what I'm on about even if no one else does.

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