Sunday, December 28, 2008

A completely un-Americanised authentically religious Christmas greeting to you all....

...and I mean that most sincerely. I really really do. Even though its a bit late.

The run-in to Christmas provided a little bit of local entertainment with a visit to the Comedy on the Common.

This is located in the Greenwich Rugby Football Club clubhouse on the Common near Plumstead Manor School.

It is a pretty comic venue all round.

R and I had the surreal pleasure of walking past it just before kick-off for the last Rugby (Union) World Cup. It was dark and we risked the dog mess and cut across the Common and past what seemed like an abandoned outhouse only to hear vast roars of excited voices coming from within. There are no obvious windows and no external lighting and the effect was pretty odd. It also has something of a tardis about it - you can't imagine getting many people inside it but you can as we joined fifty odd others in there for the comedy night.

The night was good - they had bottles of real ale behind the bar which dealt with worry number one. Worry number one is that clubhouses are the natural home of nasty old lager and keg bitters of the worst quality. The bad news was that they ran out towards the end of the evening so I unwisely resorted to a bootle of Koppaberg Perry.

The bill was advertised as four acts though it was actually two and a half, the half being the athletic compere Aj James. Dave Thomson kicked off and stripped off and Tony Law and his fantastic bizarre and hilarious imagination finished us off for the evening. Very funny- seek him out.

You can check out the acts (apparently- I haven't checked this) at

It started as a monthly event but its more like twice a month now. The evening is organised by someone called Nick and you can email for details at It's a bit of hike up the hill from Plumstead station but you can't complain for a "£10 including one drink" entrance price. And you certainly can't complain if you live in Plumstead as it makes an encouraging change to the normal entertainments in these parts.

Now that booze is off the agenda I am a bit uncertain if I'll be rushing to go again - "alternative" comedy certainly needs a bit of lubrication to work properly and I'm not sure if mineral water will quite hack it.

Thanks to k2d2vaca for Corn Crib and jaquian for Fire.

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