Sunday, January 22, 2012

Room at the Inn

A very successful trip to Gillingham yesterday for AFC Wimbledon. Dons have been struggling for a while but after clawing their way back from 3-1 down won 3-4

Before the game we visited a very pleasant pub. Nice real ale and an intriguing take on smoking outside - in short isn't really outside. You walk through the glass french windows into a comfy conservatory. OK the outside wall wasn't 100% solid but this was effectively a smoking room.

On a visit to Devon the rumour in my sisters village is that the dodgy new landlord let's people smoke "inside"-details aren't clear but could this be something similar seeing as direct defiance could prove costly?

Our regular watering hole has a small yard which now has a effective canopy of umbrellas. They have put in large windows so that smokers aren't completely disconnected from main bar.

So are things slowly working back to smoking and non-smoking rooms in pubs?

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