Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Roast vegetable goodness

Roast vegetable goodness
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A minor culinary masterpiece tonight. Roast vegetables served with bouillon and worcester gravy. The frazzled green beans were a delight - almost oriental. And the roast cabbage was to die for. The secret is to roast it in chunks - don't let the leaves separate - the outer ones dry up but the inner parts are wonderfully moist.

I then had some sliced kiwi fruit and a drop of low fat yoghurt with the slightest hint of pure maple syrup.

It was delicious. It was two hours ago. I am starving.


Big Sis said...

Sounds delicious - what is the recipe?

Erik Fuller said...

Er...a whole carrot some jerusalem artichokes a quarter of a cabbage (don't let it fall apart) a pepper some thin green beans a BULB of garlic. (When my friend JK first served me this it included a whole onion which was great. Half the point is to go steady on chopping and slicing). Put in roasting-tin drizzle with small amount of oil add fresh herbs (sprig of thyme and a sage leaf in my case). Put in oven Gas Mark 4 for one hour.

Exactly what you put in is entirely up to you but the cabbage (not a loose green one but a firm white one if that's what they are?) was pure experimentation and worked very well. The quantities are for one generous portion.

The "gravy" was just some powdered bouillon and a dash of worcester sauce.

And it was very delicious.