Saturday, April 07, 2007

smoking ban in action

smoking ban in action
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"I don't smell and I'm not going to die horribly, but you know, it'd be nice if smokers at least took turns going outside for a ciggy rather than leaving me alone for most of the night." says in the text accompanying the photo - my mind flashes back guiltily to the days when the non-smokers would be dragged over to the smoking section.

Its also interesting that these memories of non-smoking sections in pubs are fairly numerous and go back a long way - combined with good air conditioning there was plenty of opportunity to get all the supposed benefits that the progandists say have snowed down on the Irish and Scottish since their bans were imposed.

I think the ban will kill off certain pubs - they happen to be the pubs I really like with or without a fag in my hand.

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Anonymous said...

a lady i knew back in the 80s was very antismoking but reckonned muckdonalds was ok coz they had excellent air conditioning. of course they did - they didn't want you to smell the crap they was selling as food.