Sunday, April 15, 2007

Twittering on and on

Twitter has a rival

But I don't have enough time to investigate it...I am wasting all my time on twitter.

That's a lie.  Had the last big away trip of the season yesterday down in Folkestone yesterday.

I guess the point of Twitter and other "personal presence" websites is that those who cared to find out that fact could have done it more easily than accessing a full-blown blog.

I maintain that  one of the main roles of blogs is a simple public notice saying "I am alive." 

The problem is just about everyone either loses your address or thinks you've stopped or moved your blog.  What they mean is they can't be bothered to visit your webpage.  They'd rather do something more interesting or useful.

 I also maintain RSS is an essential component of blog checking half bearable.  However for some reason people can't face up sorting out an RSS solution.  Even they way I have just described it would put people off.  It sounds simply too technical.

Much easier to sign up for a twitter account or myspace where the same concepts used without any jargon and with only a moderate expenditure of effort.

Why navigate to Verbal Diary to establish I'm alive via a long-winded post like this when my name flashing up announcing "Just had a lovely biscuit" can do the same trick?

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Anonymous said...

What does " " mean? Is it something that isn't displaying properly in Firefox?

Erik Fuller said...

I guess it was something to do with Scribefire - I've stopped using it anyway. Strange I didn't notice it before. Perhaps it renders differently in Linux?

So,in answer to your question, I haven't got a clue.