Sunday, September 12, 2010

Supplying Cigarettes to Miners

The guys trapped in the mine in Chile are to be supplied with cigarettes according to this story on the BBC website

"The 33 miners will be sent two packets of cigarettes a day through a supply tube to share between them...until now they have had to make do with nicotine patches and gum, sent to them through a supply tube"

Cigarettes for Miners

If this happened in Britain I wonder if this would be a legal possibility. Will the shaft still be a "workplace" or would it be treated as a "residence" where they would be allowed to smoke in the same way as you can in prison cells?

If it was temporarily designated as part of the British Houses of Parliament perhaps they could enjoy a puff assuming the Houses of Parliament's notorious exemption still applies.

Thanks to cramiuya for the photo "Holy Smoke"


D said...

Is a workplace still a workplace when nobody is working (or required to work) there?
Supplying cigarettes is not an offence as they are all old enough to be miners. TDifferent if they were MINORS.
If it counts as a workplace then all the police have to do is squeeze through the hole in order to witness the offence.

S.A.M. Tanner said...

Don't forget that your poor rescue worker might be exposed to your 2nd-hand smoke. This is why it would never happen in the USA.

S.A.M. Tanner