Sunday, April 17, 2011

1834 days

That is not the time since my last post. It is the time since my Give-Up-Smoking-D-Day on 9th April 2006.

So my thoughts-

1. That seems a respectable amount of time
2. I hardly think about smoking
3. Ugh...I am fat

What else has happened in that time?

1. David died.
2. Eve died
3. Bought a house with R
4. Killed a lot of mice some with my bare hands
5. Followed the Dons from the Ryman Premier to the play-offs of the Conference
6. Gone to Cornwall a lot
7. Met lots of lovely lovely people including wee babies and new children
8. Discovered that staying in is usually the best option
9. Passed an A-level in "Plot of Desperate Housewives Studies"
10.I have become nerdier

I have even done a tiny bit of acting with resonancefm radio and The Southwark Mysteries and the associated to campaign to develop the Crossbones site. Please sign the petition for the latter and chuck cash mindlessly at both.

The rodents have retreated this year so I might have a bit more time to blog. Now where's the chocolate?

Picture by chashama at flickr '"Crone" April 9 2006'

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McDishy said...

Love the name of your blog and your update. I do this once in a while, if not just for the writing exercise.

Keep writing!