Tuesday, September 11, 2007

dot.com crash bang wallop

If you click on this image you will see how my plans to displace YouTube and Facebook are coming along. According to Google-Analytics even I don't visit this site any more. Sigh.

Meanwhile John and Wayne have got themselves ear-muffs and this time it's personal. I need to get tooled up for round two though - I was far too lily-livered in the first round. The humane trap actually says on its packaging something like "due to the difficulty of capturing live mice this product might not work". Can you imagine that with a CD player - "due to the difficulty of digitalising music this product might just transmit a dull whirring noise".

And as for the Sonic Devices - pah! At least the veggie-traps tell you they don't work. I am going down to a bog standard fancy goods shop and buying a shed-load of conventional traps which I am going to manically lay around every corner of the house à la Tom & Jerry, then I am going to sit me down in a comfy chair with a beer and wait till I hear that sound...then it's bye bye guys - eat trap!

Thanks to www.rodentcontrolsupplies.com for the pic


Anonymous said...

2 local shops carry a vast array of mouse (& rat) traps and poisons which suggest the area is swarming with vermin (other than the smackheads from up the road). The ultimate weapon is apparently the glue trap (as approved by Heinrich Himmler) which I think means you find wee beasties fully alive and if not kicking then twitching nervously before you dispatch them. Life's a bitch then VD hits you with a brick.

Erik Fuller said...

The stickies are definitely invented by Himmler. I saw some at the fancy good shop in Lewisham. They said "to be used as last resort" on the back. Now if I could score some smack off your smackheads I could use the sticky stuff and inject the mice before the hammerin stamping or whatever you are supposed to do with a glued mouse and not feel so bad about it. Perhaps I could take some myself - help me sleep etc..kill even...or is that crack that helps you do that?