Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Smokers and non-smokers agree: Bans are okay in public places

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clipped from www.synovate.com
Smokers and non-smokers agree: Bans are okay in public places
Smokers also willing to pay price for tobacco-friendly flights

As smoking bans continue to make headlines in Germany, Australia and the UK, findings from international market research firm Synovate's latest survey show that 80% of respondents in 15 countries across the globe are in favour of such bans, primarily because of the positive influence these are perceived to have upon public health.

Smoking bans win global support

More than 70% of people believe that smoking in public is fine as long as there is adequate ventilation or designated smoking spaces, according to the Synovate study.

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Market Research Guy said...

No real surprise there. Businesses were worried about losing money, but I haven't noticed any decrease in people going to bars, etc., if not an increase.

Erik Fuller said...
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Erik Fuller said...

My perception is far fewer. Good because I can get a seat, bad because less atmosphere. Two pubs have shut down (coincidentally perhaps). The bottom line is pubs were propped up by smokers not health fanatics and a lot will close or turn into "food with alcohol outlets". The latter might be nice but they won't be pubs. Whatever its merits the ban here is not going to be boom-time for the traditional boozer.

12:27 PM