Thursday, July 24, 2008

Co-op Funeral

Oh dear.

The Co-op in Lakedale Road is about to bite the dust. I was in there a few days ago in the vain hope of finding some black pudding and some clingfilm. Despite the Soviet-style empty shelves I did manage to get some clingfilm. Black pudding is tricky in Plum. I thought it was even worse than usual and then silly me I saw the "We are closing down" sign.

Me and R are partly responsible. I fully expected to be a regular user of the Co-op when I turned up here. Even got myself a membership form (that I still haven't filled in). I had no real impression of the Somerfield when I used to visit my friends - I never strayed that far up the High Street.

I guess I knew the Somerfield was here by the time we moved in but still had the Co-op to the front of my mind. It did have a good range of real Ale. But so did Somerfield - but Somerfield had one beer in particular which is part and parcel of our life here. Badger Original - fresh clean not too strong and only £1.19 a bottle.

We did give it some custom but it had little to offer apart from its co-operative principles. This was frequently not enough to justify the extra few hundred feet in distance.

It closing is not the worse thing. It is not a sign of new and better things to come. At the moment nothing seems lined up for the site and with the general gloom descending it may be a while - just an empty space or charity shop. I hope whatever comes deserves its place. Lakedale is a pretty important little corner of the town I think. Invest now.

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