Tuesday, July 01, 2008


This picture is taken from the Museum of London's exhibition "the Big Smoke".You'll find it here.

In my more snorty libertarian moments I think I have referred to a dystopian Musuem of Smoking without the Smokers.

Is this show the fulfilment of my dark vision?

I am not too sure but judging by a quick read of a free paper today it looks like there is something of interest going on there. I should drag myself over there sometime.

Meanwhile Duncan Ballantyne is taking on the tobacco companies, and a whole load of foreign johnnies whilst he's at. He feigns affectation for a coakroach and sneers.

Is the the term Health Fascist now finding actual physical form too?

OK - that's a bit hard on Dunky- but exporting our moral concerns to poor countries who would be a lot worse off without tobacco doesn't seem right to me. I'll have a little listen to the man right now. Here's something about the show...here.

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