Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ouch! A lot of pain yesterday in various guises.

Went to see Sister C the practice nurse in the Rubber Room to have my blood test done. She did the business whilst I concentrated, in between winces, on a box of Multi-Flavoureds. Felt a bit like a Pete Doherty fan with all the tourniquet stuff.

Then two cups of coffee. The first from the Casse Crout in Lower Marsh London SE1 (I hope you're reading this) served a cappuccino that was so bad I had to discard it after a few sips. I couldn't even bring myself to donate it to a dosser it was so bad. This is the first time ever in my entire life a coffee has been so disappointing it hasn't been worth the effort carrying it around. I take emergency action and veer off to Waterloo Station where there is a Starbucks glowing with American know-how. I get one and it was better but still not very good. Not very good at all. Perhaps the no-almond syrup cafe isn't so bad. But there isn't time before going in to work and I've already spent a fiver on what would have cost me fifty pence at home. So I pootle off to the office with my Grande Caramel Cappuccino with Chocolate, Cinnamon and Vanilla topping.

The office is fine except I am suffering from post Bank Holiday Blues, a zombie-like condition. I only walk up the stairs twice. I try to rinse my Starbucks mug out and badly scald my hand under the boiling water dispenser in the hot point at work. I squeal and blaspheme a bit and make a mental note to sue the Department.

I spend most of the day soothing my hand under a cold water tap.

Then its off to the Market Porter to meet R as we are going to the play-off semi-finals. The Porter really annoys me – first the barman tries to fob me off with a pint so bad its almost a comedy sketch and then, when he finally grows up, he replaces it with a pint of Sussex when I asked for a Summer Ale. I feel disinclined to give them any publicity, at least accurate publicity.

R calms me down and we head off to the play-offs where we get beaten 2-1 by Fisher Athletic . Ho-hum.

This is my second blog composed on the Writer programme from OpenOffice and it's ok. It loses the spacing between paragraphs though when I paste into the blogger website which is a bit of a nuisance.

My dream-world cigarette consumption has increased rapidly – I must be on a packet a night by now. In the real world things are going better.

3w 3d 03:11 smoke-free, 604 cigs not smoked, £70.06 saved, 2d 02:20 life saved


Mairead said...


Really enjoying reading your whitterings!! You're doing well so keep it up!!!

Think I should have my cup ticket so fingers crossed that we don't disgrace ourselves. I just can not believe that we are in the Cup Final!!!! another trip to Cardiff!!

I'm studying hard as norm.

Catch up soon!

Keep off the fags!!!

Anonymous said...

I may be a bear of very little brain, but pleeease explain the connection between the Market Porter and Reykjavic.