Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A touch of the hard stuff for you this morning.

It was one of those mornings where my lungs have been feeling very bruised – it’s a kind of an arthritic feeling. Strange – I don’t get it everyday but there it is.

Of course concerns about your health are a main motivator for packing in fags. There is one site that uses that basic motivator to assist people to kick the habit ‘cold turkey’. I had a quick look in the first few days to give myself a bit of backbone and it was beneficial but I haven’t looked at it since.

I haven’t really made a final judgement of their methodology. Other people’s suffering could depress you and if the imagery is too hard people might just turn up their denial defences. It’s called WhyQuit and you can find it here.

Perhaps they should create a site for people who have developed an addiction to downloading. Having gone legit with Windows I downloaded the Internet Explorer 7 Beta – its quite a change and will require a bit of exploration but initially it looks good….only drawback is it doesn’t seem to work for more than five minutes without crashing. You can find out about it here.


OrangeJon said...

Ooh, you *paid* for Windows? You must be feeling bad ;)

Seriously though, watch out for malware, spyware and all that jazz if you're using IE, it seems to have a habit of getting infected. Perhaps the latest versions are better; I don't know, I just have lots of friends asking me why their computers keep displaying an advert every 30 seconds! Use firefox if you want an easy life...

Anonymous said...

IE 7's a lot more attractive than the old IE. Update and run Adaware & Spybot at least weekly, and keep Spywareblaster & Spywareguard up to date & you should be ok. Oh, and update and run AVG once a day...maybe Firefox is an idea after all.

Erik Fuller said...

As it happens Firefox is winning at the moment in my personal battle of the browsers though for nothing more intelligent than using a new theme. The trouble between switching between browsers as I do is keeping track of favorites. Firefox is running like a dream at the moment but I might even add K-meleon to the mix.