Sunday, May 14, 2006

(Photo-Thanks to _Eraserhead at Flickr)

Five weeks without a cigarette and I can add a couple of new events from the last few days to my “things I used to do with a cigarette but have now done without a cigarette” list.

On Friday I went around to my folks to celebrate my Dad’s Birthday. Fish Chips Champagne a Caged Dog and some Confused Members of the excellent Hospitality Club. Fun had by all, including the dog, and nil cigarettes smoked.

FA Cup on telly round at Kev and Mrs T’s with Chadwick and a Brace of Danes. And if watching West Ham v Liverpool yesterday doesn’t qualify as a stressful moment I don’t know what does. Though the Hammers didn’t get their hands on the Cup they got something better I guess being co-authors of one of the best games of football many people can remember. It had everything apart from the referee getting sent off.

Here’s that list anyway:

Things I have done without having my usual cigarette/s

Morning Coffee

Go to Pub

Go to Coffee Bar

Go to Work

Eat Meal at Home

Eat Meal at Home with lashings of wine and bonhomie

Eat Meal at Restaurant

Celebrate Dad’s Birthday

Watch Football in Pub

Watch Football at Home

Watch Football at Someone Else’s Home

Watch Football at Football

Wait for a Train

Wait for a Bus

Wait for Something to Happen

Thing’s I have yet to do without my usual cigarettes.

Wild raucous orgy-type things late into the night


Eat meal at friend’s place

See a play (interval)

Swimming (after not during)

Swimming (during)

Weddings Funerals Bar Mitzvahs Rebirthings Partial Commitment Ceremonies and other drawn out happenings involving hanging around a lot and trying to remember so-and-so’s name.

Sunday morning inertia periods in someone else’s kitchen/patio/conservatory reading the Observer and failing to make any decisions until the sun vanishes beneath a huge grey cloud and it’s all too late to do anything else.

Finishing anything worthwhile.


Big Sis said...

Keep it coming - its the funniest thing I read all week!

Anonymous said...

Don't understand the list link to What's that all about?

Erik Fuller said...

Writely list is amendable - I have added some new stuff. However it's a bit too time limited. I was going to get readers to add suggestions at one stage. (It's really just a way of showing readers that these web-based applications work pretty well. You don't need MSWord or OpenOffice taking up space on your hard drive to write the occasional letter/essay/blog. You can then get someone to edit it for you without sending attachments back and forth you just send the link.