Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ah yes... the need to keep one's hands occupied...I guess that's my principal motive in starting this.

This morning when I awoke I reached for a box of nicotine patches, fiddled anxiously with the packaging and slapped one on my arm. Yes today I gave up smoking. Today I quit.

It has been nine years since my last attempt.

Following the example of a couple who set their giving up date one year in advance, and fired up by my chum AB, I have been carrying around today’s date for the best part of nine months. And now the day has finally arrived. It happens to be Palm Sunday but I didn’t know that when I set the date. All I knew was that it was a few days after my partners birthday and that it would be Springtime with all it’s rebirth and optimism. Perhaps it being the week of Christ’s suffering is more appropriate.

So far I have gone without for about eleven hours and... grrr…GRRRR… I am just about coping. Tomorrow is my first run at a normal working day and I can’t say I am relishing the prospect what with its usual stresses and strains

I’ll try and keep you posted.

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