Tuesday, April 18, 2006

When I got to our Easter Monday day fixture it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t put a new patch on before leaving the flat.

If it hadn’t occurred to me would I have noticed any difference? Would I have been just as well off using one of these things even though the ingredients are impossible to determine?

Another good win for the Dons. Will I indulge the thought of the play-offs yet? We will see.


Anonymous said...

Erik, you're doing very well. Good work.

Anonymous said...

If you don't notice the difference, don't bother with the bleddy things. They're just making money for some nasty corporation. Ditch'em!

Erik Fuller said...

Anon 1: thanks for the support

Anon 2: are we talking 1) evil authentic nicotine patch corporation? 2) evil oregano and basil patch corporation?
I hope to be free of both one day but in the short term its about avoiding cigarettes rather than completely healing an addiction so I can't take your advice just yet. Thanks though