Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Morning number 4

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday my lungs felt pretty battered and bruised when I woke up.

Today they felt better. Perhaps that fits in with the 72 hour part of my stop smoking healthcards.

20 minutes my blood pressure returns to normal

24 hours- Carbon Monoxide is eliminated from my body. My lungs start to clear of mucus (not mine yet)

48 hours No nicotine is left in my body (bit daft as I'm using a patch) Taste and smell improves. (Only slightly-minimally so far)

72 hours my breathing becomes easier and my energy levels increase. Not the same as "Your lungs don't feel battered and bruised" but it'll do.

These little benchmarks have a positive effect. I am particularly looking forward to the mucus bit- but don't
we all?

But it should have an entry along these lines "After 4 days your brain will stop feeling like mush and you'll actually be able to do some work and stop confusing 'your' with 'you're' as I have already done twice this morning.

Improved smelling - good.
Improved spelling - essential.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Eric my buoy (sea, even smokers confuse there words...)

eggsmokah said...

Believe me, your lungs will clear themselves. I was coughing for weeks if not months. Smell & taste came back in fits and starts for me.Something as simple as an apple can now taste fantasic. The first time you're on the bus or tube and you smell someone who's just smoked a fag might be a bit of an eyeopener.
Don't worry about getting nicotine out of your system at this point. This stage is about not smoking - nothing else.
You're doing really well - more than halfway through the first week. Keep it up.

Erik Fuller said...

Thanks for the support chaps.