Friday, April 28, 2006

I had a day off from the office today but managed to find other staircases to clamber up (in the London Tube).

I had dinner with some old colleagues from my former office. I told them that I had given up smoking and was also forced off the booze by an unhappy coincidence. Anyway I chomped away on my Japanese-inspired food and sipped my paltry cup of Green Tea enjoying the view of that part of Ken High Street. Just before we got up to leave someone wrapped up with “...and Erik’s given up smoking” and everyone applauded. Touched I was. Touched.

Which reminds me of my brilliantly graphical anti-smoking campaign. (Forgot to sign the thing which might be a nuisance at Sotheby’s in years to come). Brilliant might be pushing it I admit but it’s a fun website and you must give it a go yourselves. Do I feel a competition in the making?


Mairead said...

Christ, you are giving it a go, practically teetotal as well!

Hope you can have a few scoops when Nige goes up to lift the FA cup or is that just wishful thinking!!

Enjoying a good read, none the less!

Big Sis said...

You always were a brilliant cartoonist Erik - I remember your exercise books full of AA men (and that was before Alcoholics Anon!)

Every picture speaks a thousand words - but don't stop writing - I am enjoying it.