Sunday, April 23, 2006

Breaking News...Socialism Flawed

I think I was still smoking when my partner R drew my attention to a leaflet from her flat's management committee which is run by the residents instead of the local council.
"The committee would like the items that have been stored in the sheds to finally go.... If anyone wants to claim any of these items please do so before Friday 21 April. All volunteers to help (chuck the remaining unclaimed stuff in a skip) would be most welcome - please let us know with a note or phone call to the office."

Oh dear. We have a fridge in the shed so can I please help R move it before they chuck everything out on Friday? "No problem honey sure I can manage that". Down I go to the shed, a bit of huffing and puffing and the fridge is safely stashed away.

And then it's Sunday morning and I am getting confused by some strange sentences coming out about me helping down in the shed with her and Kev.

It turns out she is the committee that issued the notice and I am one of the volunteers and we are the people who would have chucked away our fridge if we hadn't already moved it.

Now, if I was still smoking I think I would have not taken this quite as well as I did. When faced with all the stuff in this particular shed there would have certainly been a lot more huffing and puffing. I would have had less energy and less patience as I was constantly trying to work out when I was going to have a cig amidst all the throwing away of homemade gherkins and priceless Buddy Holly albums.

Perhaps it's a result of packing in fags. Or maybe AFC Wimbledon making the play-offs had more of an effect on me than I realised.

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Big Sis said...

I love the pictures (and the text) they make me laugh. I reckon laughter is anti-ageing, so there will be two of us living longer on this planet!