Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Last night’s dream was even vivider.

A list of things I thought I’d miss when I gave up smoking but haven’t…yet

Unvivid dreams

Sitting on the balcony in the morning with coffee (and a cig of course)

Going for my mid-morning fag break at work. Smoking at my last office was a very social affair with quite a pleasant setting – ok, it was a car park. But it was a nice car park. I had to get a new job at the end of last year. Smoking at the new office involved standing almost in the gutter of a busy, windswept road bordered by austere office blocks. Socialising was minimal.

I still do miss my rewards for doing things – when writing a letter at work or composing this entry at the back of my mind is the thought of a cigarette when the task is completed.

So, almost day three over..

Cigarette count…zero
Monkey nut count…zero
Sticks of chewing gum…two

The next big challenge is going to a pub and enjoying it without a smoke.

I notice a fellow blogspotter lists amongst their remedies for smoking-related stress:

Hops: Is a tonic to the system. Will relax the body when nervous disorders
are present due to withdraw. Will relieve headache, nightmares, night
sweats and depression. Contains Lupulin which is a sedative and hypnotic

I think the sooner I get down the pub the better.

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Anonymous said...

Err, The Royal Oak gets very smoky tho. Not a good choice.