Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Technorati tells me this morning that there are 99745 posts in the blogosphere that contain the exact phrase “quit smoking”. (Presumably that is now 99746 posts).

Not many considering that there are now 50 million blogs.

So what is the point of all this waffle cluttering up our bandwidth? Does it just serve the curious and the nosey and the mean-spirited who can savour the actual and emotional illiteracy of others?

It seemed to me to be just that until I heard an interview on one of my podcasts (Richard Gile’s The Podcasting Network – The Gadget Show). In this interview Richard’s guest explained the purpose of the blog search engine Technorati as opposed to using Google. Google gives you access to all the websites you could dream of containing all the information you need. What it doesn’t provide, and this includes forums, is the first person experience of this product, that town, and whatever lifestyle you are interested in.

This idea rapidly grew on me until I started thinking it was almost a moral duty to blog out your experience of whatever it was.

Here is some of that moral duty, peppered with swear words mind you, in action- on the subject of smoking of course.

This chap acknowledges a miracle when one happens. This bloke keeps his hands busy with math. And I’d go on a strict diet before broaching the subject with this lady


Anonymous said...

Yeh but none of the other 99745 are as good as this hilarious bit of navel gazing lung and will development. Not that i've read them all... Another GREAT reason for not smoking, Erik. Your a natural blogger.

Erik Fuller said...

Cheers Anon. I've only managed a few of them myself. Google Blogs gives 300,000 posts with the same phrase. I think I'll stick with surfing Technorati's results - they're more manageably unmanageable.