Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A bit nicer waking up this morning. No Anti-Torture Conventions were breached.

Still only half-way to consciousness so helping myself along with a coffee. This is an attempt-to-be-clever coffee. Its base is one of those plastic one-cup things that you sit on top of your mug with milk and some not very convincing Tate and Lyle Caramel Coffee Syrup that I picked up from Sainsbury’s last week. One thing about the “no almond syrup” shop is that they do serve it hot – sucking it through the hole in the lid is the nearest equivalent to inhaling smoke I’ve found so far. I burnt the saucepan boiling milk this morning in attempt to achieve a similar temperature. It’ll be a long time before I attempt one of Pret’s machattios or whatever they are called. This is a steaming double espresso “served with organic foam”. (Gates must be a tea man – Word’s spell-check is giving me lots of red squiggles with no suitable alternatives).

I think the British Transport Cafe has missed out with this entire coffee lark. I suggest the following

Tea – finest hand-picked pre-bagged Indian tea served straight and piping hot

Bovina – finest hand-picked pre-bagged Indian tea poured on top of fresh full cream milk

Reverso – same as above but the milk’s added last!

Blanco – lightly brewed with extra milk. Very Creamy!

Monsignor – our finest Bovina served in a tall mug and topped with a digestive biscuit.

All available in ‘Dainty’ ‘ Fair’ and ‘Cor Blimey’ sizes.

Better go and do some proper work now. Shame.

2w 3d 00:36 smoke-free, 425 cigs not smoked, £49.30 saved, 1d 11:25 life saved


redstick said...

Blimey Erik, no fags, no booze... It's practically a Damascene conversion. You might as well start exercising to boot. (A very good way of forgetting both fags and booze as it happens). Do you sense the smug small smiled tone? I can't help myself... How about running the marathon with me next year? If you can do it, I may have a hope.

Big Sis said...

Its funny about these young doctors now, last time I was telling him what I knew about the research evidence and he was sitting there surfing the Internet to see if I was right - which I was! These young lads are getting paid far more than me and it is me that telling them! I expect they will diagnose 'stress reaction' due to lack of fags and booze.