Friday, April 21, 2006

Well I was in a bit of a bad mood yesterday. What on earth was I thinking being horrible to Google?
(EDIT - I wasn't the only one though )

I’m a bit of a fan – Chinese things aside. I have the wonderful if not hugely used Google Earth (great for locating obscure away game football grounds). I have a Gmail account. And I just upgraded my Google Desktop Search which is really a fantastic ol’ thing especially now it’s got its quick search window that opens in the centre of the screen when you hit Ctrl twice. It’s much faster than Windows own location tools. As far as I know it’s still not Mac-usable.

One thing it helps with, apart from the obvious, which is searching for files and web pages visited, is launching programmes. And I think the floating “deskbar” looks dinky on my denuded Desktop environment. Minimalism is all the rage now don’t you know? This is the article that originally inspired me though this turned up the other day reiterating a similar approach and this makes a few other suggestions.

So what does it all add up to? Or minus up to? Here’s a screenshot.

One thing that doesn’t get on at all well with Google is Opera. But with its new Beta 9 out you can play with its pretty extensions, oops, I mean widgets. I got the clock that you can see here.

If R are ever tells anyone that I’m a geek just ignore her.

Today’s quitometer reading is:

1w 5d 00:51 smoke-free, 301 cigs not smoked, £34.92 saved, 1d 01:05 life saved

(I've found out what the life saved figure represents now)


redstick said...

Yes yes yes Elvira. Already an extra day of YOU in the world for us all to relish and savour. Hoorah! A better life to save I can't imagine. xxx Planned to be anonymous but actually you may already have guessed from the holy smoke-free tone that this is Alvin Redstick, your pontificating ex smoking ex flatmate xxxx. YOU GO BOY!

Erik Fuller said...

Er...let me think..just one more's on the tip of my

Erik Fuller said...

..I remember're Redstick. I'm so used to talking to Anon I got confused. (You you stick another 6 hours on that now...lucky you)