Thursday, April 27, 2006

I have started to walk up the stairs at work. The idea is to get a positive feeling about my improved health. I have quite enjoyed it. I get up from my desk at random points during the day, head to the the central staircase where the lifts are. Walk down then turn into the rest area on the ground floor. I have a rest. I then go out through the rear exit of the rest room and climb the four sets of stairs. No crowds are waiting at the top ready to wrap me in a space blanket and hand over sponsorship money. I simply (slightly suspiciously) emerge from the fire exit and return to my desk where I fall face down and palpitate a lot.

It could get a bit boring. It will get a bit boring.

It also hurts.

I think I'll stop doing it.

At last my clear-headed decision-making abilities have started to return for the first time since giving up.

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