Saturday, April 15, 2006

Long Good Friday..

When I spoke to Mr K on Thursday he told be to make sure I kept myself busy over the long Easter weekend as it was a bit of a danger time.

The day started busy enough with me going completely spare when I found my patches weren’t in their usual place ( places in fact – either by the bathroom sink or by the PC). Luckily I was able to use the new packet I had just picked up – but I was concerned there was something wrong with my system and that I would have to fork out the full amount further down the line as treatment progressed. It turned out some rather ambitious flat-cleaning by someone who’s name begins with R (well it’s not going to be me is it?) resulted in it being chucked away. Luckily the bag had not made its way to the chute and the goodies were retrieved. No harm done – apart from the pre-breakfast screaming session.

Keep yourself occupied says Mr K, so having calmed down with the application of my daily dose, I looked at the list of possible actions and decided the best thing was to go back to bed. Which I did, sleeping until the early afternoon.

We then made our way to see an installation at Clare College Church by Max Dewdney. Had some great lamps with steam coming out of them. Then it was chill out time with the ducks and some in ice cream in the adjoining Southwark Park.

Then it was my first visit to a pub since patching up, The Dog and Bell in Deptford where I had a pint of Mitchell’s Dream and some twiglets. What was positive about the trip was that not smoking actually enhanced the experience of this very flavoursome beer.

So the largest part of the day had been occupied – it was time to fill in the middle of the evening so after having another micro-nap and watching Michael Palin’s Sahara on the UK History Channel, we headed off to the unusual environs of the Strand Inter Continental Hotel and it’s India Club, close by Somerset House. We had the Special for two (made a nice change from monkey nuts) and stuffed our faces before going to stare at the fountains and digest our grub in the square at Somerset House.

Then back home for a bit more telly, I think it must have been a Palin-athon that night as there he was chatting to camels again. R hopped off to bed, I watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Then off to fly round the treetops and smoke cigarettes in my dreams.

So that’s one day of the holiday out of the way.

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